Camera traps are changing the way we see wildlife. These remotely operated cameras that work based on motion sensor or infrared sensor, trigger the camera to click a photo as soon as any animal passes in front of them. Take a look at some of the amazing moments caught on camera trap that take us closer to wildlife than never before.


Intimate moments of elephants in Karnataka. Image by Sanjay Gubbi via Livemint

Leopard pair caught on camera trap by WCS team in 2016.

Tiger emerges after a mud bath at Manas Tiger Reserve. Caught on camera trap by WWF India. Image via science friday 

Elusive and difficult to spot species like the Leopard Cat on camera trap by WCS team. Image via National Geographic  

In 2012, WWF India caught on camera trap for the first time a Snow Leopard living in Kargil

Extremely rare melanistic tiger caught on camera in Simlipal tiger reserve by Wildlife Institute of India. Image via Sanctuary Asia

A green bee eater caught taking its selfie by a camera trap as it inspects it to find insects. via ibitimes 

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A sloth bear and its two cubs at Bandipur National Park. Image via sci-news

A brown fish owl in bhadra tiger reserve. via WCS

A not-so-happy-to-be-clicked tiger at Pakke Tiger Reserve. Image via ConservationIndia 

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