Bakers in the UK got together for endangered animals by creating what they know best –cakes! The unusual things though about the cakes was that each one represented a species threatened by extinction.

Take a look at the fabulous ‘endangered species cakes’. All images courtesy CakesDecor and DailyMail 

Zoe Fox, 37, from Leicestershire, took 300 hours to make her big cat.

Crocaholic: The crocodile, made by Tanya Ross, is a madeira cake. The bigger creations are supported inside with threaded bars

Polly filler: Some of the cakes were covered with fondant and airbrushed with edible paint, including the parrot (pictured) and the iguana

Delicious-Elly: Other cakes made by members of Bakers Unite To Fight include a pygmy elephant (pictured), lowland gorilla, black-footed ferret and Spanish imperial eagle

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