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Interview: Tiasa Adhya, Fishing for the Fishing Cats

The mangroves of Sundarban are known to be home to one of the most popular wild cats of India- the Royal Bengal Tiger. But there is another wild cat that lives in the same marshy land which sadly does not enjoy the same repute as the tiger, but is a fantastic animal none the less. We are talking about the Fishing cat, a feline much like the domestic cat in appearance but twice the size and with a more masculine body. Naturalist Tiasa Adhya has committed herself to study this particular animal hoping that her research gives voice to an endangered wild cat that not many know about.


Pet Parrot Trade Killing millions of Birds

A bird in a cage is a concept some people find fascinating and thus there are hundreds of parrots and love birds sold everyday around India. What many do not realize though is that by buying these birds they are letting an illegal trade flourish that is killing lakhs of beautiful birds each year.


Black Necked Cranes Spotted in Arunachal Pradesh

Zemithang Valley in Tawang district of India’sNorth eastern state Arunachal Pradesh is one of the two winter destinations of black necked cranes in India but last year only three of these winged guests arrived here. This year though, the arrivals have been better much to the delight of local conservationists who also spotted a juvenile crane among the group.


WWF-India Discovers Rare Mammal in Arunachal Pradesh

The high altitude areas of India’s north-eastern states are a nature lover’s paradise but many of the area remain unexplored because of the difficult terrain. It is therefore no wonder that some wild creatures still remain hidden in the vast landscape of these inaccessible lands. WWF-India recently discovered one such creature that was never before reported to be found in India – the rare black Pika.


Brown Bear Mother and Cub Caught on Camera in Kargil

Aishwarya Maheshwari has a job to envy. As the Senior Project Officer with WWF-India’s Snow Leopard Project in Kargil region of Jammu and Kashmir, he not only gets to spend much of his time in one of the most beautiful places in the world, but can also catch a glimpse of wild species not often seen or heard. On one such lucky expedition he chanced upon a pair of brown bears, mother and son searching for food and roaming around in the wilderness of the Trans-Himalayan region.


Villagers in Madhya Pradesh save Forest from Lime Kiln Owner

Villagers in a little known village called Bagaspur in Madhya Pradesh were lured by a lime kiln owner with money and developmental promises in their village if they allowed him to open a lime kiln in the area. The villagers realized that it would lead to the destruction of the reserve forest in their land which is home to approximately 13% of the world’s wild tiger population. They angered the owner with an outright No but saved the forest.