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5 Year National Action Plan Announced to Conserve Migratory Birds

Chilika, Bharatpur, Point Calimere-India’s premier hotspots for migratory birds are also some of its most attractive tourist destinations, besides being magnificent storehouses of biodiversity. Pollution, habitat destruction, hunting and climate change haveRead More…


Flying towards Death at Nalsarovar Lake

For many birds around the world, Gujarat’s Nalsarovar lake is home away from home, where they spend the cold winter months. Designated as a wetland of international importance, the lake however is turning into a living hell. Reason being the nets, sprawling across the wide lake, and cast to bring the carefree flights of the bird to an abrupt end.


Indian Birds need Help to Combat Climate Change

A new UK based research points out that the future for Indian birds could be disastrous because of climate change and many species could try to relocate to different areas. The research says that to save birds from global warming, it is not just the protected areas but the whole countryside that needs to be conserved. In some extreme cases, certain birds might be needed to be physically transferred from one area to another!


It’s Time to Spot the Birds in Your City!

How often have you spotted a new bird in the neighbourhood and wished you knew its name? Urban areas are home to a number of birds other than sparrows and mynas and if you want to explore, team up with other avid birders and know your city’s birds even better, then here is your chance. It’s time for the race…the India BirdRace 2013.