Calling all bird-lovers, bird-watchers and bird photography enthusiasts. Goa is the place to be from the 11th of November to the 13th of November. For the department of Environment and Forests of the state of Goa is planning to hold its first ever ‘Bird Festival’.

This was announced by the state Environment and Forest Minister, Rajendra Arlekar. The proposed festival is a joint effort by the Forest and Tourism Ministries of the state in order to promote avian tourism in the coastal state of Goa.

Of the 1224 bird species found in India, 432 are seen in Goa, which means that the diversity of bird species in Goa is about 35% of that of the whole country.

“This is going to be a first of many bird festivals in Goa, because we have just so much to showcase in terms of bird habitats and Goa is home to nearly a third of all the bird species in the country,” Arlekar told reporters.

There is a registration process for the festival which plans to accommodate 200 delegates, on a first-come first-served basis.

The bird festival will be held over three days from the 11th of November to the 13th of November. The participants will be able to enjoy bird-watching sessions at the different wildlife sanctuaries in the state including Dr. Salim Ali bird sanctuary. Films on birds and their habitat will be screened. Famous ornithologists will hold technical sessions
The ministry plans to make this bird festival an annual event.

“The Western Ghats constitute one of the richest mega biodiversity hotspots in the world and by virtue of its location, the state represented a unique confluence of two diverse ecosystems; one influenced by marine environment and the other by terrestrial forest,” Arlekar said.

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