Thank you for your overwhelming response to our new segment India’s Endangered Wild Shots (IEWS). We launched our Flickr group this January and asked you to contribute photos related to wildlife. The topic for the month was water birds and we received more than 80 photos! From fluttering flamingos to cormorants, egrets taking a ‘piggy back’ ride on water buffaloes to pelicans busy cleaning their feathers….we have it all. And then there were also the photos of the tiger, the social network of ants and the deers that made us become a part of all your incredible wildlife moments. Thank you and keep them coming!

And now it is time to announce the January Photographer Of The Month. The title goes to Deven Dadbhawala for his timely capture of beautiful shots of flamingos, and playful storks. Congratulations!

Take a look at his entries,


(c) Deven Dadbhawala


(c) Deven Dadbhawala


(c) Deven Dhadbhawala


(c) Deven Dadbhawala

(Images are copyright of Deven Dadbhawala and cannot be used without permission. They have been posted here are part of the IEWS Photographer of the month showcase) 

Other notable photographers of the month are,

Aravind V

Tanmay Mukherji

Paneendra BA

P Raja

We will share some of the stunning images soon on this very page. Keep visiting!

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