Industrial effluent resulting in marsh in villages on the border of Jodhpur and Barmer districts of Rajasthan has become a trap for Indian Gazelles. In the last week more than a dozen of these endangered gazelles or chinkaras met their end due to this industrial sludge.

These docile antelopes jump into the marshy outlets to escape the attack bid by dogs and eventually end up getting stuck in the marsh. The effect of the chemicals was evident when the carcass were observed as they had turned black.

ACF Mahak Ram Bishnoi said that they had taken out 10 carcasses and had been successful in rescuing 4 of the chinkaras on Saturday. The rescued antelopes were sent for medical aid at the Rescue centre. He also quoted that the 4-5 feet deep and 10-12 feet wide industrial outlet passing through Dhava, Doli, Bhandu and Lunawas villages, had turned marshy after the water in it dried up due to severe heat.

Dogs which are quite abundant in this region chase the antelopes, leading them to the marshy industrial waste with the poor creatures getting stuck in it. It then becomes absolutely difficult for them to come out and they slowly sink in the marsh Mr. Bishnoi said.

File photo of a Spotted Deer being chased by a dog. Courtesy The Hindu

An enthusiastic activist of the Bishnoi Tiger Vanya evam Paryavaran Sanstha, who reached the spot on Saturday, suspected more carcasses were in the marsh and demanded for immediate action to prevent such incidents.

Ram Niwas Budhnagar, General Secretary of the organization said if the forest department does not take adequate steps to ensure the safety of the movements, a movement will be launched. The forest department has appointed about half a dozen guards to keep an eye on the marsh and make sure that no chinkaras are stuck in the marsh.

Mr. Bishnoi hopes to start a drive to catch the stray dogs in the area from Monday, however, he quipped that the support of the villagers is most important in this drive.

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