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Iron Ore Mining Stripping Wild Animal Homes in Goa

People around the world picture Goa as the ultimate beach destination and what adds to the charm is the lush green environs of the state. But locals and conservationists fear that iron ore mining companies in India are not only spoiling the natural beauty of the region, but threatening the lives of many wild animals stricken out of their forest homes.


For the Turtles of Goa, Celebrate New Year in Peace

Goa is one of the most talked about holiday destinations all the year round but the fun and frolic definitely reaches an all time high in December when Christmas and New year celebrations pull people from all corners of Indian and the world to this beach destination. But what the party goers totally overlook amidst power packed dance and music session, is that somewhere along the same beaches are the rare and endangered olive ridley turtles, nesting and looking forward to bringing the next generation into the world in solitude and peace.