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Camera Trap captured this Leopard in the urban neighbourhood. Image courtesy research team Vidya Athreya

Leopards as Neighbours

“We are running out of real estate!” cried a celluloid character in a movie. But if anything is true in the world we live in today, it is this fact, that we are all indeed running out of living space, especially because of the burgeoning human population. Now a new camera trap study in India has revealed how lack of space has led leopards and other wildlife to share space with humans, that too in highly populous locations.


2012 Worst Poaching Year for India

The year that went by could have been remembered for being the year that Western Ghats became a world heritage site or the year when Asiatic Lions were no more considered Critically Endangered. But ruining the joys of all the positive is one scar constantly surfacing as a conservationist’s worst nightmare. 2012 recorded the largest number of killings of endangered animals in India making it the worst poaching year in the last decade.

black panther

Black Leopard spotted in Karnataka Forest

If you have read Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Book or seen the animated series, you are sure to remember Bagheera, the beloved friend and guide of mowgli. Now, you can catch bagheera for real, at the Dandeli-Anshi tiger reserve in Karnataka where camera traps have found the presence of the black leopard.