The Special Task Force of Uttarakhand Police arrested two men from Uttarkashi on grounds of animal poaching and smuggling of animal skins at Clement Town area of Dehradun. The officials seized two leopard skins worth about 12 lakh rupees in the international market.
The poachers were identified as Babu Ram Uniyal of Kot Village of Uttarkashi and Himalayan Sherpa from Dang Village of Uttar Kashi. The criminal duo were on their way to deliver a consignment to a client in Dehradun.

The STF had received information about the rampant poaching and illegal trading.

A member of the STF said, “For long we had been receiving inputs about the killing of animals in the higher reaches of the state to sell their skin and bones in Nepal and Tibet.”

Based on the tipoff, the STF tracked down the poachers and arrested them on ascertaining that they were carrying leopard skins. The STF hopes that the arrest of these two poachers will lead them to the kingpin.

“We are questioning the two about their links and clients. We suspect that the duo had killed the leopard in the higher reaches,” said the source.

The arrest of two poachers and punishing them severely might deter other poachers and illegal traders.

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