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2012 Worst Poaching Year for India

The year that went by could have been remembered for being the year that Western Ghats became a world heritage site or the year when Asiatic Lions were no more considered Critically Endangered. But ruining the joys of all the positive is one scar constantly surfacing as a conservationist’s worst nightmare. 2012 recorded the largest number of killings of endangered animals in India making it the worst poaching year in the last decade.


Black Leopard spotted in Karnataka Forest

If you have read Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Book or seen the animated series, you are sure to remember Bagheera, the beloved friend and guide of mowgli. Now, you can catch bagheera for real, at the Dandeli-Anshi tiger reserve in Karnataka where camera traps have found the presence of the black leopard.


Boxer turns Poacher to make Fast Bucks

22 year old junior level boxer, Meetu Singh had a promising future. He was well built, had both the strength and agility needed by a professional boxer and had represented Himachal Pradesh at the national level. But boxing could not satisfy his greed and that is why the sportsman turned his attention to a different kind of sport killing leopards and selling the animal parts for lakhs. The boxer’s fast road to affluence ended Friday though when police caught him red handed with his latest loot.


Radio collaring of Leopards begins at Dachigam National Park

Dachigam National Park in Jammu & Kashmir is one of the highest altitude protected regions of India. The officials here have begun radio collaring the leopards in the area so as to gather more information on their movement and assess their feeding habits. A crucial habitat of the endangered Hangul, forest officers believe this will also help know how the predator’s needs are affecting the threatened stag’s population.


Leopards: Victims of the Man-animal Conflict

It was not too long ago that pictures and videos of a leopard cornered and killed in an eastern state of India flooded the internet and new channels across the globe. Conservationists cried at the loss of another life, but when the choice is between the animal and human lives, it is almost certain that the animal will be the last to be saved. What is sad is that the incident was not a lone case of a wild animal, specifically a leopard venturing into a human settlement. In fact, since January this year 261 leopards across the country have already died, many due to rise in the human animal conflict


Animal Adoptions a Hit in Bhopal’s Van Vihar

They may not be Dhoni, Zaheer Khan or Priyanka Chopra , but for the animals of Van Vihar National Park in Bhopal, each of their benefactors is a celebrity. A unique scheme launched by the park has witnessed thirty three wild life lovers adopting animals and ensuring they are well looked after at the park. After the rise in celebrity adoption of animals the novel scheme has succeeded in creating awareness among public and inspiring many to do a good deed or two for the animals.


Separated from Mother, Clouded Leopard Cubs to be Hand-raised by Humans

Last month, local villagers from Chiroga district in Bodoland, Assam chanced upon rare clouded leopard cubs in the jungle, with their mother nowhere in sight. Failing to find their mother, the volunteers have now decided to hand raise the cubs at the Centre for Wildlife Rehabilitation and Conservation (CWRC) Transit Home in Kokrajhar.