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Snare Scare for Tigers of India

Old habits die hard. This was found to be true after forest department officials in Karnataka found at least 80 snares in the protected forest covers of Bandipur and Nagarhole national parks in the last 3 months. It seems that poachers of the area have shunned firearms and started re-using the traditional snares and traps to injure and kill tigers.


Photography of Great Indian Bustard Banned

Taking strict measures to save the small population of Great Indian Bustards in India, the Minsitry of Environment has banned the photography of the bird during breeding season which starts in April. The move has been made to give the rare birds a chance to nest peacefully.


Slender Loris on the hit list of Poachers

Slender Lorises are the little known primates found in the southern states of India, especially in the Western Ghats and Karnataka. Till date very little is known about these nocturnal creatures, their habits or even their population. But now experts fear the species is under threat from poachers who are killing them in hundreds.


Karnataka Learns Lessons from Africa to minimise Man-elephant Conflict

Africa is home to almost 3.5 lakh elephants and 80 percent of wild elephants of the nation live outside protected areas. Yet the recorded cases of man-animal conflict are very low. Comparatively the state of Karnataka has just 6000 wild elephants which are increasingly being killed due to human-animal conflicts. It is to find answers to this growing problem that state forest officials travelled to Africa to know what the nations there are doing right to prevent loss of animal life.


Freshwater Crocodiles back from the brink of Extinction in Manjira River

Manjira river is a tributary of Godavari river that flows in three states of India namely – Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra. Of late the Manjira River running about 60 km from Hyderabad has seen a surge in freshwater crocodile population nearing 300 in number. This is a direct outcome of the efforts put in by the forest officicers to save the species from becoming extinct as the number had alarmingly fallen to less than 4 pairs in 1974.


Mining, a death-knell for The Great Indian Bustard

The infamous Bellary region in Karnataka is once again in news, this time not only for illegal plundering of mineral wealth of the state. The repercussion of extensive, destructive mining has resulted in the near extinction of the Great Indian Bustard which were once the pride of Karnataka’s bird life. A major shift in traditional farming practices also have contributed to their dwindling grass land habitat.


Madhya Pradesh no more the ‘Tiger State’ of India

The latest tiger census in India reports that the tiger population in the country has risen from 1411 to 1706. While the country is rejoicing the rising figures, one state that seems to have been left out of all the festivities is Madhya Pradesh. The state that boasted of highest number of tigers till 2006 has now lost its prestigious “Tiger State” tag to Karnataka owing to the decrease in population of the animal in the state.


‘Mini’ Hydel Projects threatening Biodiversity Hotspot of the World

The government of Karnataka has sanctioned 72 mini hydel projects, in the heart of Western Ghats, to meet the ever growing needs of electric power. But even if the projects are tagged ‘mini- hydel ’, a large number of trees are being removed, to make way for these power projects. The biodiversity loss will be irrevocable.