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Pictures: From Wild Bear to Family Pet

Those who have read Jungle Book are not unfamiliar with Balu, the black bear, Mowgli’s friend, philosopher and guide. You might have sometimes even wished that you too had such a friend. But while we all can’t turn into Mowgli, one family in Lakhpada did get lucky when they adopted a stray black bear and made him a member of their loving family.


Bear Cub Saved from a Dancing Fate

There was a time in India when the streets were abuzz with animal performers especially those who could make the bears dance. With time the practice of torturing animals in the name of entertainment was abolished especially after bear dancing was made illegal by the government of India. But despite the ban in place for more than two decades, another case of illegal sloth bear capturing came into light when officials nabbed two suspects from Jharkhand with a nine month old bear cub.


Angry Mother Bear scares off Two Tigers in Ranthambore

Two tigers in the Ranthambore tiger reserve in Rajasthan were ready to pounce on a bear when they had the surprise of their lives when the bear attacked them instead and made sure that her cubs and she was safe. Wildlife photographer Aditya Singh was in the vicinity to take pictures and see this rare close encounter of two ferocious wild species of India.


British Vets give Eyesight Back to rescued Indian Bear

In the 13 years of her life, Lilly the bear has suffered much. She lost her mother when she was just a cub and was taken by a gang to be part of the dancing bear troupe, ‘madari ka khel’ that was once a popular roadside entertainment in India and still can be seen in many villages and small towns although banned. Almost blind and severely injured, Lilly was finally rescued by Wildlife SOS. She then found her life back thanks to a group of British female vets who treated her eyes and gave her sight back.