Hamren spotted with his new family in the forest

Here is extremely good news coming from Manas National Park in Assam. An elephant re-integrated into the wild a few months back under the Elephant Reintegration Project has been accepted by its wild mates and is now part of a herd. Considering that the elephant was hand-raised by humans, it is no simple accomplishment for the not-so-wild animal to be accepted and given a place in a wild herd.

The elephant named Hamren was one of the five elephant calves that were relocated to Manas National Park as part of the Elephant Reintegration Project a joint venture of the Assam Forest Department and International Fund for Animal Welfare – Wildlife Trust of India (IFAW-WTI), supported by the Bodoland Territorial Council.

In 2008 Hamren had come to IFAW- WTI run Centre for Wildlife Rehabilitation and Conservation (CWRC) is a severely injured condition. Slowly, with the love and care given to him at the centre, he recovered and was then decided to be re-integrated to the forest where the animals obviously belong.

Injured Hamren brought to the CWRC in 2008

The reintegration project is a commendable effort of the state government with assistance from organizations like the WTI. Earlier too the officials and conservationists had reintroduced rhinos to the park after all these wild animals had been lost due to poaching.

WIT has also been reintegrating orphaned clouded leopards, and Asiatic black bear cubs into the park.

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Article and Image source: WTI

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