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For wildlife enthusiasts, Jeff Corwin is a name you immediately associate with popular Animal Planet TV series like The Jeff Corwin Experience. Now the Emmy Award winning TV Host and Explorer, is all set to take your electronic media experience to a new level by launching first of its kind Enhanced Media Ebook Series called  Jeff’s Explorer Series. And the first e-book in the series is about the ultimate predators– SHARKS.

How fascinating it would be to open your iPhones, iPads or laptops and be transported to the underwater world where Sharks are definitely the king. The Jeff’s Explorer Series is set to do exactly that by presenting you with a Modern-Day Digital Encyclopedia that uses high quality videos, images, and text personally narrated and curated by Jeff Corwin.

Today JeffCorwinConnect Inc., co-founded by Jeff Corwin, launches the first eBook in this new series, Jeff’s Explorer Series: SHARKS. Footage Search Inc, which partnered with JeffCorwinConnect on this series, provided and produced all the media for the e-books. Digital publisher Vook, created the templates and designs for the series.

Wildlife Books in a New Avatar

This eBook series has been created keeping in mind the all important edutainment (Education + Entertainment) philosophy that Jeff Corwin has. It throws light on Sharks, one of the most misunderstood creatures of the world, and gives the readers a virtual experience like no other traditional encyclopedia can. The texts and pictures are accompanied by videos and voice over by Jeff.

“I am excited to bridge the medium of TV and publishing through this Series and educate readers about species that we share this planet with. Many of these species now depend on our support for their survival and we have the power to save them from extinction,” said Jeff Corwin.

“In our first eBook, we look at Sharks who have been around for more than 400 million years, yet they may be the most misunderstood animals. In this eBook, you will come away with a better appreciation for these amazing creatures that are so vital to our aquatic ecosystems,” he added.

The e-book is simple enough to be understood by kids and yet packed with information on all kinds of sharks that will be helpful for school children, families, educators and anyone passionate about nature.  

The forthcoming titles of the series will focus on introducing both marine and terrestrial species to readers which are rarely explored in other publications. There will be never before seen edited video footage, showing the species in their natural habitats alongwith lots of amazing facts about the species in focus.

 The series aims to educate readers about the ecology and biodiversity of life on our planet in a fun, engaging, and conversational way.

Anurag Agarwal, co-founder and CEO of JeffCorwinConnect Inc. said, “Our vision for this series is to focus on the three dimensions of Education, Environment and Technology to create learning experiences making science more approachable and fun for kids and families. Jeff’s Explorer Series: SHARKS is one of numerous upcoming titles including Wild Cats, Primates, Snakes and Penguins which will allow readers to own digital collections much like the old days where print editions and encyclopedias were part of every home library and a great source of knowledge”.

Get to Know Sharks Better

Jeff’s Explorer Series: SHARKS, the first book of the series, focuses on introducing readers to sharks. When you open this e-book, readers are invited on a one-on-one journey into the natural world of sharks with Jeff as their personal guide looking at iconic shark species fusing Jeff’s signature narrative and editorial voice.

The eBooks are available on all reader and tablet platforms and available now on iTunes, Amazon, B& and They can also be read online.

What is an added advantage of buying these e-books is that JeffCorwinConnect and Footage Search will donate a portion of the profits generated from this eBook series to their partner organizations who help distribute this very valuable content to their communities. These can be Corporations, not-for-profit organizations, zoos, aquariums or schools.

 “We’re thrilled to have this opportunity to collaborate with JeffCorwinConnect,” said Dan Baron, CEO at Footage Search. “To bring our world-class footage to this series, while promoting a passion for science and exploration, is a great opportunity for us to showcase the work of our leading cinematographers who filmed this exceptional footage on extreme locations across the globe.”

About JeffCorwinConnect

JeffCorwinConnect is a wildlife-nature focused, trans-media edutainment Company founded by noted biologist Jeff Corwin and Anurag Agrawal. It develops branded mobile, digital and consumer products, creating online and onsite experiences, for kids and families. The fuel behind the mission of JeffCorwinConnect is to build a global community of people who care about the future of our planet and seek to better the world for themselves and their children. You can know more about them by joining the Facebook page.

To know more about Jeff’s Explorer Series visit JeffCorwinBooks or

buy it here Jeff Corwin’s Explorer Series: Sharks

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