India’s Endangered Wild Shots (IEWS) is are new segment that asks you to contribute photos related to nature and wildlife on a given topic each month. At the end of each month, we select a photographer as our IEWS Photographer Of The Month. You can find more details about Wild Shots Here.

The topic for February was ‘Trees’ and our photographer of the month is, Luuk Belgers, for his beautiful image aptly titled ‘The Heart Of A Tree’.


The heart of a tree

(Image is copyright of Luuk Belgers and cannot be used without permission. Posted here are part of the IEWS Photographer of the month showcase) 

Other notable photographers of the month are,

    1. Mriganka Borah for ‘The Itching Squirrel’

The itching squirrel:

2. Babish VB for ‘Dying off’
Dying off...

3. Iztok Alf Kurnik for ‘Nature reflected in the Baroque style’

Nature reflected in the Baroque style
Do share your photos with us on our Flickr group and get a chance to be the next photographer of the month.



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