This is truly a once in a lifetime moment. A skier from Australia and his friends were making their way down the slopes of the snow capped mountains in Gulmarg, Kashmir when they came across a snow leopard! The chances of sighting a snow leopard are extremely rare and finding it in this particular location even rarer.

The skiers didn’t waste a moment in capturing this chance encounter in a video which is being played over and over by the wild cat lovers all over the world.

Australian Owen Lansbury who shot the video says his guide Dave Marchi almost ran straight into the beast when they were going down the slopes. The nervous laughter and excitement on seeing the cat so close, is clear in the video, although it takes some time to see the leopard hiding behind the snow.

See the video for yourself!

Snow Leopards are truly the master of snow capped mountains of the Himalayas. They can easily leap 50 feet above ground and catch prey 3 times their size. Their favourite prey though are blue sheep found in this region. The endangered cats are very hard to spot, easily blending into the environment because of their greyish white fur.

Owen and his entire group were indeed very lucky to have seen this enigmatic wild cat.

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