A 52 year old Londoner Paul Goldstein is carrying the dream of saving tigers quite literally on his shoulders. Wearing a heavy tiger suit, this marathoner has not only run in 9 world marathons, but also has travelled around the globe, catching attention and raising awareness about the depleting tiger numbers.

From Wimbeldon to Taj Mahal, this marathoner and wildlife photographer has sprinted over snow, climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, encountered unforeseen road closures all carrying the nine feet high tiger suit on his shoulders. He has spent the last four years carrying the tiger only to ensure that the world recognizes the mega predator’s plight.

He says, “I have two wonderful young sons. I would like them to see a tiger in the wild when they are a little older. Currently I am not that hopeful thanks to the ravages of traditional Chinese medicine and rampant poaching.”

Goldstein was in Agra, India last week in preparation for his charity run for the tiger which will culminate at the London Marathon 2014. Here are glimpses of the man on a mission….

Paul Goldstein on an epic journey to save the tiger

The Man, the Tiger and The Taj

Pit stop with local villagers to learn and inform

A camel looks on

Caught ya! Some fun on the way from Brighton to London

Asking directions from a friend?

London... not very far

Witnessing the beauty of Mount Kilimanjaro

Tiger on Top!

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All image courtesy Telegraph More information from Daily Mail.

If you wish to know more about Paul Goldstein, do visit his website

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