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Extinct Corals make Gujarat Coasts their Home once again

For the first time in the country, beginning a new phase in species conservation, fragments of locally extinct coral reefs have been trans-located and re-introduced in the coastal waters of Gujarat. The corals were collected from Lakshwadeep and relocated 1500 kms away to the coast town of Mithapur.


Bear Cub Saved from a Dancing Fate

There was a time in India when the streets were abuzz with animal performers especially those who could make the bears dance. With time the practice of torturing animals in the name of entertainment was abolished especially after bear dancing was made illegal by the government of India. But despite the ban in place for more than two decades, another case of illegal sloth bear capturing came into light when officials nabbed two suspects from Jharkhand with a nine month old bear cub.


Separated from Mother, Clouded Leopard Cubs to be Hand-raised by Humans

Last month, local villagers from Chiroga district in Bodoland, Assam chanced upon rare clouded leopard cubs in the jungle, with their mother nowhere in sight. Failing to find their mother, the volunteers have now decided to hand raise the cubs at the Centre for Wildlife Rehabilitation and Conservation (CWRC) Transit Home in Kokrajhar.