Happy World Pangolin Day! We are celebrating this special day for the pangolins with  a pangolin, who strangely likes to call himself Tiger! Want to know why? See below…

Pangolin life

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2 thoughts on “Comic: A Pangolin’s Life

  1. Oh, this is such lovely and cute little comic! I love the shy pangolin. I think it is also called a scaly anteater. Is is the same as an armadillo? I had seen one on a road while in Florida. when it heard the car approaching, it rolled itself into a ball. What a wonderful sight it was! I had only heard about them doing this.

    And ‘Tiger! don’t worry. I will just say hello to you and go on my way after admiring your rolling-into-a-ball trick. After all, you didn’t know I won’t harm you, did you?’

    1. Thanks Zephyr! Armadillo and pangolin are very similar in their habits but genetically unrelated animals. How lucky of you to have seen one in Flordia…must have been quite a sight to see one turning into a ball. 🙂
      ‘Tiger’ says, ‘Thank you Zephyr. It would be so nice if all humans thought as wonderfully as you do.’

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