Here are some of the most amazing species of animals that are not only endemic to India but found only in one place in the country! Take a look…

Narcondam Hornbill. Image courtesy National Geographic

1. Narcondam Hornbill

Found only in Narcondam Island, east of Andaman Islands 

Status_en_on In the tiny 6.82 square km island of Narcondam in the Indian Ocean, lives this exceptionally beautiful species of hornbill easily recognisable with its velvet-black plumage and an oversized yellow beak. Experts say that the population of these birds are stable in the island undoubtedly because of minimum human interaction and presence.

In Defence of the Narcondam Hornbill 

2. Namdapha Flying Squirrel

Found only in Namdapha National Park, Arunachal Pradesh 

Status_cr_on Dr. Shyamrup Biswas of the Zoological Survey India collected a unique

flying squirrel from Namdapha, Tirap District, Arunachal Pradesh in 1981. It was subsequently described as a new species called the Namdapha Flying Squirrel (Biswamoyopterus biswasi). Till date, there have been many photos taken presumably of this flying squirrel but they have not been scientifically authenticated.

The image above is the sample species collected by Dr. Biswas in 1981.

Untouched Horizons: Namdapha National Park

Kashmir Stag or Hangul. Image via wikipedia

3. Kashmir Hangul (Kashmir Stag) 

Found only in greater Dachigam landscape, Kashmir 

Status_cr_on Although Red Deer are commonly found around the world, this particular subspecies is only found in the Kashmir valleys of India and is not very easy to sight. They were once widely distributed in the Kashmir Himalayas, Chenab Valley of Jammu and Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh, but are now only found in Dachigam, centering around the Dachigam National Park.

Indian Army Starts the Save Hangul Campaign


Andaman Cobra

4. Andaman Cobra 

Found only in Andaman and little Andaman Islands 

The snake is seen mostly in the mangrove areas of the island and is highly venomous. It is very fast in its movement. Loves to feed on rodents, ducks and chicken egg.

New Aquatic Species of Snake Discovered in Western Ghats 

5. Pygmy Hog 

Found only in and around Manas National Park, Assam 

Status_cr_on This smallest wild pig in the world is not more than 25 cm tall! The pygmy hogs are said to be sensitive indicator species as their presence in an ecosystem shows that the grasslands and forest are healthy. Captive breeding program are being run in Assam to save these unique animals.

Meet the Pygmy Hog 

Sangai Deer and its habitat the floating phumdis of Loktak Lake

6. Sangai Deer 

Found only in Loktak Lake, Manipur 

Status_en_on  The world’s only floating lake Loktak lake is also home to the world’s only deer that lives on this unusual habitat. The lake is made up of a floating biomass called ‘Phumdi’ and is the most important and unique part of Sangai’s habitat. It is the floating mass of entangled vegetation formed by the accumulation of organic debris and biomass with soil. Its thickness varies from few centimeters to two meters. It floats with 4/5 part under water. The deer walks on the hind surface of its pasterns with mincing hops over floating foliage, and is hence also called the Dancing Deer.

Rare Sangai Deer Numbers Increase in Manipur 

Parachute peacock spider or gooty tarantula (CR) Endemic to India

7. Gooty Tarantula

Found only in reserve forest between Nandyal and Giddalur, Andhra Pradesh

Status_cr_on The beautiful tarantula is known by many names including the peacock spider because of its eclectic blue metallic colour resembling a peacock. It lives inside tree hollows and is hardly sighted. Because of growing need for timber, the forest where it lives is threatened and so is this beautiful spider.

Conversation with the Gooty Tarantula 

Indian wild ass. Image courtesy Fine Art America

8. Asiatic Wild Ass

Found only in Little Rann of Kutch, Gujarat

Status_nt_on These are most horse-like species of the Ass. Found in the wide salt plans of the Rann of Kutch, they are arguably the fastest Indian animal, and can attain a top speed of 70-80 kmph.

Know the Indian Wild Ass 


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