Asiatic Lion

Asiatic Lions are only found in the Sasan Gir National Park and Sanctuary in Gujarat, India. They are top predators and the only wild cats in the world to live and hunt in a social group called pride. Although Asiatic lion prides are much smaller than African lion prides, the way they chase and catch prey is very similar. A pride usually has 1 male Asiatic lion and 2-4 females and their cubs. It’s typically the female members who do much of the hunting although the male still gets the lion’s share of the hunt.

The main prey animals of lions of sasan gir are nilgai (blue antelope), chital (spotted deer), sambhar and buffaloes. Sometimes livestock of the villagers living within the forest also becomes prey.

Neelgai, Image courtesy  JohnHarveyPhoto

Spotted Deer or Chital

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