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After a year’s Rehabilitation, Sagarika Swims again in Ocean waters

A year ago no one thought that Sagarika could swim again or even go back into the marine world she loved. Sagarika, the rare Olive Ridley turtle was found with a flipper chopped off and a severely injured carapace in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. But thanks to the efforts of numerous volunteers and after spending a year at rehabilitation centre the turtle was finally set free, back into the ocean waters on Saturday.


Saving One Baby at a Time

The Grizzled Giant Squirrels are a species endemic to the Western Ghats of India. It is in the same region that the native Paliyan tribe has been living for centuries. While modern civilization has touched their lives only recently, these tribesmen continue to harbor their affection for nature and all its creatures. That is why when a baby grizzled giant squirrel fall from a tree nest accidently, it is safely nurtured in the tribal homes.


Bottom Trawling Fishing Method Bulldozing over Marine Life

IUCN recently declared that fishing is one of the biggest threats to marine animals. Not only is the unrestricted fishing in world oceans causing mass populations of fishes to eradicate, it is also indirectly harming the ecosystem and leading many big and small species to death. One of the fishing practices adopted by Indian fisherman called bottom trawling is only making the situation even worse.