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8 Destinations In India Which Are a Must Visit for All Nature Lovers

India, known for its Color and Culture not only excites you with its Historical Monuments but has many breathtaking Natural Scenic Attractions too. From the exquisite scenic delights of the snowy localesRead More…


Carnivorous Plants Emit Blue Glow to Attract Prey

It can be aptly termed fatal attraction. Scientists in Kerala were surprised to discover carnivorous plants that attract insects by acting as blue fluorescent lamps! This is probably the first time in the world that a carnivorous plant has been discovered to reveal a blue glow to catch its prey.


How Much is too Much

The declaration of the Western Ghats as a World Heritage Site is another milestone achieved towards conservation of India’s vast bio-diversity. But along with world heritage tag comes the added responsibility of ensuring that this heritage is carefully preserved. In view of the expected increase in tourism activities at the heritage sites, the World Heritage Committee has therefore asked India to take proper measures to avoid any possibility of negative impacts.


Scientists Develop Model to Predict Human-Elephant Conflict Zones

In Indian states like Assam and Kerala where the elephant population of the country is maximum the everyday battles between humans and elephants has become a cause of serious worry. No one can ask the elephants to restrict themselves just to the protected areas of the forest and avoid contact with humans, on the other hand humans too cannot be uprooted from their villages and farms. To ease the tension a team of scientists in Kerala have come up with a prediction model that helps predict possible zones where elephants might tread and come face to face with humans. If the statistical model works, it can be a huge boon in curbing the growing man animal conflicts.


Innovative Tree Climber from Kerala helping Save Vultures in Gujarat

When a small farmer from a village in Kerala devised a new mechanism to make the arduous task of climbing coconut trees easier, he might have never imagined that his innovation would one day help save the highly endangered vultures of India. But that is exactly how some conservationists in the western state of Gujarat are ensuring that vulture population is safe on the tree top.