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Scientists Find 12 New Frog Species and 3 believed to be Extinct

In the dark, dense tropical forests, few men sat stooped and observed the minutest movement. Others pushed rocks and looked carefully under them for traces of life. For days and months, these few trekked the jungle paths and finally found what they were looking for – 12 new species of frogs and 3 that were believed to be extinct.


Ten New Frog Species Discovered in Western Ghats

Discovery of new frog species at the Western Ghats of India has further strengthened the claim that these Ghats are the heart of biodiversity. While frog species round the world are driven to extinction due to habitat destruction, pollution, climate change and of late, much sought frog legs, the discovery of new frog species is refreshing news. The expedition in the Ghats was carried out by biodiversity researches, voluntary researches and nature enthusiasts without any funding from agencies and they succeeded in discovering ten new frog species.


Increased Frog Leg demand Threatening Amphibians to Extinction

Man’s increased preference for frog legs to satisfy his palate has been posing a great threat to the survival of amphibians round the world driving them to near extinction. The first ever comprehensive study on frog leg market reveals how their reduced numbers and extinction can have devastating effect on the environment and the natural ecosystems; the situation warrants immediate action by way of stopping use of frog species for international trade.