If you are in London, do visit the Royal Albert Hall till October 14th to see some of the most stunning photographs taken of tigers around the world. Here’s a small glimpse,

It took the photographer 52 days in a hut by a cliff in Russia to get this one shot of the Amur Tiger. Image copyright – Toshiji Fukuda/Save Wild Tigers/Eye On Tiger

In Bandhavgarh National Park a tiger hides in the grass to catch a prey or two. Image by Theo Allofs/Save Wild Tigers/Eye On Tiger

A camera trap capture tiger siblings at Bandhavgarh National Park cooling off near a watering hole. Image by Steve Winter/Save Wild Tigers/Eye On Tiger

A drugged tiger is tormented by tourists in a province in China where many tigers are still raised for making medicines out of their bones. Image by Paul Hilton/Save Wild Tigers/Eye On Tiger

The white mark on the back of the ear of a tiger are like mini headlights, helping young cubs see their mom as they walk at night or for general identification. Image by Anish Andheria/Save Wild Tigers/Eye On Tiger

A silhoutte of arrowhead, a tiger from Ranthambore National Park. Image by Andy Rouse/Save Wild Tigers/Eye On Tiger

All images are courtesy The Guardian. Images may be subjected to copyright and used here for reporting purposes.

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