CONSERVATION: The enchanting mountainous region of Ladakh  in the state of Jammu & Kashmir is soon to have greater protection for wildlife  with the government recently declaring an increased area of Ladakh region being converted into wildlife sanctuary. Ladakh has the unique honour of being home to certain rare and elusive species such as the endangered Snow Leopard, Ibex, Yak and Pashmina Goat.

The move however would not affect the residents in the region according to the state ministers. The small population that inhabits these harsh terrains would not be required to seek permission for construction of houses for residential purposes from the wildlife department.

To avoid the increasing instances of human-animal conflict, like Snow leopards attacking livestock and other incidents, T. Namgyal, the minister replied that wildlife stewards were being brought into action in those areas and predator proof community pens were being provided by the wildlife department.

“To tackle these conflicts wildlife stewards for watch and ward in conflict prone areas have been engaged. The wildlife department is also providing predator proof community coral pans for the safety of livestock,” the minister said.

Wildlife Stewards are trained volunteers who assist and educate people to create, use and sustain wildlife habitats. In areas where domestic animals are in constant danger of being attacked by wild predators, it helps to house them in predator proof pens. They are scientifically built to prevent predators from getting to the animals either by breaking in on weak pens or by digging from underneath.

Ladakh represents a part of India, which has still retained the pristine quality of nature because people of the region still know how to be part of the ecological balance without tearing everything natural apart. The new move of greater protection to wildlife only ensures that the region will continue to retain its ecological treasures for a longer time.

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