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Atula Gupta is the Founder and Editor of Her work has appeared in a number of international websites, dailies and magazines including The Wire, Deccan Herald, New Indian Express, Down to Earth and Heritage India on issues related to environment and its conservation. She is also the author of Environment Science Essentials, a set of books for school children. She hopes this website provides a platform for people to be aware about species in the verge of extinction and heighten their conservation efforts.


Six Reasons Why Vultures may be dying in India

Pune based NGO Ela Foundation and the National Institute of Virology (NIV) have recently published a research paper that analyses the cause of drastic fall in the vulture population of India. While many believe the main reason for the deaths is use of Diclofenac, a chemical that is fatal to the birds, the research papers suggests other reasons too including electrocution.


World Oceans Losing Big Fishes

What would happen if there were no tigers in the forest? The deer population would increase drastically eventually clearing up the whole forest. It is the same shocking scenario that has come into the forefront after University of British Columbia researchers found out that the number of big predatory fishes in the world oceans is depleting due to over fishing by humans. Small fishes on the other hand are thriving and over the last 100 years their numbers have doubled.


India to Host World Environment Day 2011

It is ‘Destination India’ for the World Environment Day 2011 (WED) which falls on June 5th, for “embracing the process of transition to a green economy”. This year’s theme ‘Forests: Nature at your service” emphasises that quality of life and the well being of forests and that of ecosystems are closely knit. For the first time, India is named as the host by the UNEP-The United Nations Environment Programme. The theme is also in support of United Nations International Year of Forests.