SAVED: A wild elephant and her calf that fell into a water tank in the army cantonment area of Narangi in Assam were rescued after a 7 hour operation on April 6th.

An Elephant and its Calf fell in the Water Tank in Narangi cant., Assam

At about 2.30 pm the staff of 14 Field Ammunition Depot in the cantonment noticed the elephants had fallen in the static water tank (SWT) and reported the matter to the higher authorities of the depot.

The commandant of the depot S K Vohra along with his team of officers drew a rescue plan. They also informed the divisional forest officier, D D Gogoi.

The army personals first emptied the tank to ensure that the pachyderms did not drown in it. They then proceeded to break the wall of the tank to let the animals move out safely.

It is believed the elephants had come from the nearby Amsang wildlife sanctuary. Interestingly, a herd of 18 elephants was also seen standing a few kilometers away from the area where the elephant mother and calf were trapped. The two might have been a part of the same herd.

Defence sources say that the herd stood silently and observed the rescue effort.

The calf was the first to fall into the 10-foot deep water tank, Army PRO Lt Col Suneet Newton said, following which its mother tried to pull her out and fell in herself.

“While fire staff of the 14 Field Ammunition Depot noticed them first, a team of fire staff as well as other combatants were rushed to the spot.  A team of forest staff along with vets from the Assam Veterinary College also arrived, but it took more than seven hours to rescue the animals,” Newton said.

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