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UV Light Emitting Diode to Save Endangered Turtles from Fish Nets

One of the reasons, endangered turtles like the Olive Ridley turtles and Green turtles are dying in large numbers in the world oceans today is because they become victims of accidental by-catchRead More…


Sunderban Successfully Breeds Rare Turtle Species

In a world where 7 billion plus, human beings exists, only 39 of a kind of turtles survive. But thanks to the collaborative effort of officials and conservationists, a team at Sunderban, has managed to breed the extremely rare turtle species – Batagur baska first time in captivity. Also known as north river turtle, the terrapin is a critically endangered species found in India and is more threatened than the tiger.


After a year’s Rehabilitation, Sagarika Swims again in Ocean waters

A year ago no one thought that Sagarika could swim again or even go back into the marine world she loved. Sagarika, the rare Olive Ridley turtle was found with a flipper chopped off and a severely injured carapace in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. But thanks to the efforts of numerous volunteers and after spending a year at rehabilitation centre the turtle was finally set free, back into the ocean waters on Saturday.


Rising Sea Animal Deaths in India’s South-West Coast

Last month two Giant Baleen Humpback whale sharks washed ashore dead on the Mumbai-Thane coast. Earlier a Bryde’s whale shark was found at Ratnagiri shores, 250 km away from Mumbai. With dead dolphins and Olive Ridley Turtles also spotted at regular intervals on the coast of Maharashtra and other south-west regions shores, there is fear that the deaths are not natural but caused by human errors.


For the Turtles of Goa, Celebrate New Year in Peace

Goa is one of the most talked about holiday destinations all the year round but the fun and frolic definitely reaches an all time high in December when Christmas and New year celebrations pull people from all corners of Indian and the world to this beach destination. But what the party goers totally overlook amidst power packed dance and music session, is that somewhere along the same beaches are the rare and endangered olive ridley turtles, nesting and looking forward to bringing the next generation into the world in solitude and peace.