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Photography of Great Indian Bustard Banned

Taking strict measures to save the small population of Great Indian Bustards in India, the Minsitry of Environment has banned the photography of the bird during breeding season which starts in April. The move has been made to give the rare birds a chance to nest peacefully.


Tiger Count goes up in Panna but Threat still looms Large

The Panna Tiger reserve in Madhya Pradesh was in the news for all the wrong reasons in 2009 when the park did not a single tiger left inside the protected area. But the picture is different today, thanks to tigers re-located from other parks of India who are now well settled in Panna and have also added litter to the population.


Madhya Pradesh gears up to Save Tigers in their New Home

The forest department of Madhya Pradesh is hailing the findings of a recent survey by Wildlife Institute of India that suggests that there may be seven tigers in the Indore, Dewas and Barwani ranges. Pepped up with the presence of the wild cat in an area where it was not observed before, the forest department is now planning landscape management strategies that will benefit the tiger.