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Madhya Pradesh gears up to Save Tigers in their New Home

The forest department of Madhya Pradesh is hailing the findings of a recent survey by Wildlife Institute of India that suggests that there may be seven tigers in the Indore, Dewas and Barwani ranges. Pepped up with the presence of the wild cat in an area where it was not observed before, the forest department is now planning landscape management strategies that will benefit the tiger.


Madhya Pradesh without a Wildlife Doctor

What would happen if there was a town full of people but they had no doctor to treat them in case of a health problem? It is the same case with the tigers and other wild animals of Madhya Pradesh. Despite the fact that the state has some of the most important tiger reserves in the country with a population of 257 tigers, an RTI activist claims that there are no specialist wildlife doctors here to treat the wild animals.


Lesser Floricans getting lesser and lesser in India

The Lesser Florican is one of the smallest bustards of the world and bird that prefers to live in grasslands. But latest census by the Wildlife Institute of India (WII) sadly predicts that the birds are losing their home as well as their numbers in the country. From 238 of these birds recorded in 1999 in Gujarat, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh the number has dropped to merely 84.


Villagers in Madhya Pradesh save Forest from Lime Kiln Owner

Villagers in a little known village called Bagaspur in Madhya Pradesh were lured by a lime kiln owner with money and developmental promises in their village if they allowed him to open a lime kiln in the area. The villagers realized that it would lead to the destruction of the reserve forest in their land which is home to approximately 13% of the world’s wild tiger population. They angered the owner with an outright No but saved the forest.


Madhya Pradesh no more the ‘Tiger State’ of India

The latest tiger census in India reports that the tiger population in the country has risen from 1411 to 1706. While the country is rejoicing the rising figures, one state that seems to have been left out of all the festivities is Madhya Pradesh. The state that boasted of highest number of tigers till 2006 has now lost its prestigious “Tiger State” tag to Karnataka owing to the decrease in population of the animal in the state.