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Turtle Nesting Sites facing the Heat

For turtles, nesting grounds are the most secure place on earth. They may be wandering all across the world oceans throughout the year, but it is here that they come year after year to lay eggs and bring the next generation into the world. Sadly, marine scientists have found that turtle nesting grounds in many parts of the world, including India are vanishing due to climate change. What is even more distressing is that many of these may have already faced irreparable damage.


Indian Birds need Help to Combat Climate Change

A new UK based research points out that the future for Indian birds could be disastrous because of climate change and many species could try to relocate to different areas. The research says that to save birds from global warming, it is not just the protected areas but the whole countryside that needs to be conserved. In some extreme cases, certain birds might be needed to be physically transferred from one area to another!


What are you doing about Climate Change?

By 2050 the world’s population will be 9 billion plus and considering that we are already feeling rising temperature, and experiencing scarcity of resources like fuel and water, the catastrophe we are inching towards is a certainty. What then is the solution? Should we keep on living our lives in exactly the same fashion, wasting resources, polluting the environment, encroaching forests, cutting trees, abusing electricity and energy use and then blaming the government for the price hikes or should we re-learn to preserve and prevent a future disaster?


Are Marine Species inching towards Mass Extinction?

27 of the world’s ocean experts met up in Oxford recently and compiled a report that is one of the most shocking revelations of this century. The experts believe that climate change, global warming and man’s continuous interference with nature has made the situation so fragile that all the oceans of the world face risk of mass extinction of marine life. It is something that has not been heard for tens of millions of years.