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How Mumbai Mangroves Save the City everyday

The Bombay High Court made a monumental decision in 2005 that led to the strict protection of the mangrove forests lining the city coasts. The decision came after the tragic Tsunami that struck the eastern Indian coasts and when it was found that the areas which had mangrove forests were saved from the disastrous high waves. These areas also recovered faster after the aftermath. Worldwide mangroves are fast depleting but because of the conservation order, Mumbai and its neighboring areas now boast of more than 5,800 hectares of mangrove land which is protected and will protect the city in future.


Turtle Nesting Sites facing the Heat

For turtles, nesting grounds are the most secure place on earth. They may be wandering all across the world oceans throughout the year, but it is here that they come year after year to lay eggs and bring the next generation into the world. Sadly, marine scientists have found that turtle nesting grounds in many parts of the world, including India are vanishing due to climate change. What is even more distressing is that many of these may have already faced irreparable damage.


Indian Birds need Help to Combat Climate Change

A new UK based research points out that the future for Indian birds could be disastrous because of climate change and many species could try to relocate to different areas. The research says that to save birds from global warming, it is not just the protected areas but the whole countryside that needs to be conserved. In some extreme cases, certain birds might be needed to be physically transferred from one area to another!


How Children can get Close to Nature

Children today are getting closer to technology but distant from nature. They listen to music on MP3 players but cannot recognize the sweet song and calls of the birds. They enjoy Jacuzzi baths and swimming pools but don’t know the joys of swimming in ponds or just diving into a free flowing stream. They watch videos about animals on the internet, but have never seen the magnificence of a lion in the wild. They play war games online, but do not know the exhilaration of climbing trees and skinning their knees in the process. The virtual world of computers has practically replaced every aspect of Nature.