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Image Of The Day: Colours Of A Butterfly

Butterlfy by Vijay Kumar, Kangra Himachal Pradesh

This Common Jezebel butterfly was shot by Vijay Kumar in Kangra, Himachal Pradesh. The common jezebel is easily found all over India, especially in temperate regions. While the colours of the butterfly make it beautiful to look at, they are also a warning that this butterfly is poisonous!

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Image copyright remains with the photographer. Shared here as part of the group – India’s Endangered Wild Shots. 


Vanishing Butterflies could mean a Vanishing Planet

The most common of Indian butterflies are becoming uncommon these days. Mega species like tigers and elephants get a little attention but insects are regarded more like pests or mere things of beauty that have no bigger roles to play. But experts say it is this loss of interest in saving small sized species like butterflies that is most fearsome because with the disappearance of these fluttered friends, plants too will lose their pollinators and fail to bloom, bear fruit or provide food for the planet.