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Are Bird Photographers Damaging the Avian Habitat?

Activities such as bird photography appear benign and in tune with nature. But ornithologists in Bangalore find how this supposedly eco-friendly activity is damaging precious bird habitat at the Hesarghatta lake when photographers carelessly drive right into the crucial habitat.


First Centre to help Captive Elephants of India

In 2009 the Central Zoo Authority of India banned elephants from being part of zoos or circuses in the country. The mandate was clearly a rushed affair as the authorities did not plan the next step regarding the need to provide a separate shelter for the rescued animals. Now three years later, Elephant Aid International has finally come to the aid of these captive elephants and is about to create India’s first Elephant Care and Rehabilitation Centre in Bangalore.


British Vets give Eyesight Back to rescued Indian Bear

In the 13 years of her life, Lilly the bear has suffered much. She lost her mother when she was just a cub and was taken by a gang to be part of the dancing bear troupe, ‘madari ka khel’ that was once a popular roadside entertainment in India and still can be seen in many villages and small towns although banned. Almost blind and severely injured, Lilly was finally rescued by Wildlife SOS. She then found her life back thanks to a group of British female vets who treated her eyes and gave her sight back.