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Supreme Court Bans Tiger Tourism

In a decision many are calling too harsh, the Supreme Court of India banned tourists to enter the core area of all tiger reserves in the country. With India being home to half of the global population of tigers, this means, India will be facing a major setback in number of travelers coming to the country to particularly see the tigers.


Artificial Beaks help save the Hornbills

On the foothills of the eastern Himalayas in the State of Arunachal Pradesh lies Pakke Tiger Reserve. The park is proud to have four resident hornbill species but the area is also home to the Nyshi tribe, whose illustrious headgear includes a hornbill beak. But now fibre replicas of the beaks have helped save the birds from being killed for their beaks, at the same time also saving the age-old identity and headgear of the tribe.


Black Necked Cranes Spotted in Arunachal Pradesh

Zemithang Valley in Tawang district of India’sNorth eastern state Arunachal Pradesh is one of the two winter destinations of black necked cranes in India but last year only three of these winged guests arrived here. This year though, the arrivals have been better much to the delight of local conservationists who also spotted a juvenile crane among the group.


WWF-India Discovers Rare Mammal in Arunachal Pradesh

The high altitude areas of India’s north-eastern states are a nature lover’s paradise but many of the area remain unexplored because of the difficult terrain. It is therefore no wonder that some wild creatures still remain hidden in the vast landscape of these inaccessible lands. WWF-India recently discovered one such creature that was never before reported to be found in India – the rare black Pika.