It is a statement that is throwing every wildlife conservationist in a tizzy. The state forest minister of West Bengal said to the press that as West Bengal had wild animals ‘in excess’ he had a proposal to sell the animals to private owners, who could bid for their favorite animal.

The minister Ananta Ray felt that Bengal had too many leopards, rhinos and elephants. To restrict their population, he even suggested exporting the animals to foreign zoos, and sterilizing them so that they could not increase their population!

The forest department will soon write to the Union forest and environment ministry to seek permission, Ray said.   

“Leopards and elephants have grown in number phenomenally. We have planned three things. They could be sterilized to control their population. We could transfer the excess population from forests to zoos. We also have the option of selling them to private individuals. We have received applications from a few interested parties,” he added.

What is really surprising is that a person who has the least idea about wildlife and wildlife protect acts has been elevated to a position where he can even think of such criminal proposals and have the audacity to start planning for the proposed bidding even before the central ministry approves of it.

If the faux pas is really committed, no wildlife including the royal Bengal tiger , bisons and rhinos are safe in Bengal anymore. Ironical as it may sound, perhaps it would really be better if someone else more caring protected these vulnerable species than ministers like Ray.

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5 thoughts on “State Forest Minister wants to Auction Wild Animals!

  1. Atula, its hard to even imagine. Putting ourselves in those innocent animal’s position, i cant even begin with if how much painful will it be for being put behind bars for being one of those extra living beings acco to ‘allowed ratio’ or being sold to other individual parties where they’ll do what with us nobody’ll cm 2 know. Nobody questions or neuters humans for being so over populated n even cutting down on wildlife territories to increase their own homes. Is Ray even qualified enough to sell animals or make those decisions? I pray we vote 4 educated people next time. EDUCATION is more than jus math eng science n sst. Education is to being educated enough not to support say or think evil Mr.Ray

    1. Absolutely agree with you Priyanka. Your arguement is justified and thanks so much for sharing your thoughts.

  2. Dear Atula , Before you comment on Mr Ray’s statements you should know the status in detail.Management and protectiom are very tough tasks.If you want to conserve something you have to be practical.Sentimental approach may even harm conservation programmes.PML

    1. Thank you for your valuable comment. I absolutely agree that management and protection are a very tough task, but the solution certainly does not lie in selling the animals. Maybe the intention of the minister was right but his choice of words were wrong. Private funding may help save endangered species, but one cannot say publicly that animal population has increased and that it why they have to be sterelised or auctioned or sent to a foreign country zoo. Even you must agree that there are other options too that can help save the animals and reduce the conflicts with humans.

  3. Other options feasible and acceptible are difficult to find.Just refer to the case of killing of a tiger by villagers near Raipur.

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