Researchers Discover a New Plant Species in Kerala

Researchers from the School of Environmental Science of Mahatma Gandhi University in Kottayam, Kerala have discovered a new plant species belonging to the ‘Commelinaceae’ flora family of the ‘Murdannia’ genus. As an ode to their teacher, the researchers have named the new plant with golden flower ‘Murdannia Satheeshiana’.


Come Spring…Come Swallows

It was not such a long time ago when the arrival of migratory swallows to Gangtok and other parts of the North-Eastern Indian state of Sikkim heralded the arrival of the spring-summer season. But gradually the number of these visitors began decreasing owing to modernization. One summer when bird-lovers sighted just a handful in their lands they were eager to be more accommodative and bring back these very social birds. The efforts seem to have paid as Sikkim once again is turning to be the summer vacation spot for these fidgety little birds.


Bottom Trawling Fishing Method Bulldozing over Marine Life

IUCN recently declared that fishing is one of the biggest threats to marine animals. Not only is the unrestricted fishing in world oceans causing mass populations of fishes to eradicate, it is also indirectly harming the ecosystem and leading many big and small species to death. One of the fishing practices adopted by Indian fisherman called bottom trawling is only making the situation even worse.


Rare Civet finds its way to Jamia Millia Islamia University, Delhi

The educational institute, Jamia Millia Islamia University in Delhi was in news recently for a different reason. A Small Indian Civet, which is very rare in and around Delhi, was found hiding, in a cavity at the IT department of the University and was safely rescued after the university authorities contacted the Wildlife SOS an NGO to rescue the animal. Small Indian Civet is an endangered species.


Jharkhand Zoo Animals Benefit from High Profile Adoptions

What could be common among Punjab National Bank (PNB), Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL) and actress Priyanka Chopra? They are all adopting Zoo animals in response to Jharkhand Zoo Authority’s request for sponsoring zoo animals under a novel scheme.


Mining, a death-knell for The Great Indian Bustard

The infamous Bellary region in Karnataka is once again in news, this time not only for illegal plundering of mineral wealth of the state. The repercussion of extensive, destructive mining has resulted in the near extinction of the Great Indian Bustard which were once the pride of Karnataka’s bird life. A major shift in traditional farming practices also have contributed to their dwindling grass land habitat.


Uttarakhand Captures its First Snow Leopard on Camera

The elusive snow leopard was always heard to be roaming around the Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve in Uttarakhand. Villagers claimed that had seen the animal. Pugmarks and faeces also gave evidence of its existence but it was only recently that a camera placed in the reserve finally captured an image of the beast and gave definite proof of its existence in the state’s Himalayan ecosystem.


Bear Cubs Get a Second Chance of Life at Assam Rehabilitation Centre

The CWRC (Centre for Wildlife Rehabilitation and Conservation) Transit Home in Kokrajhar became home to two wild Asiatic bear cubs earlier this month when villagers carried them from the forest thinking their mother had abandoned them. The bears will now live in the centre till they are ready to be released again in the wild.


Villagers in Madhya Pradesh save Forest from Lime Kiln Owner

Villagers in a little known village called Bagaspur in Madhya Pradesh were lured by a lime kiln owner with money and developmental promises in their village if they allowed him to open a lime kiln in the area. The villagers realized that it would lead to the destruction of the reserve forest in their land which is home to approximately 13% of the world’s wild tiger population. They angered the owner with an outright No but saved the forest.