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UK Experts to Clean Ganga

It is a known fact that the sacred Indian river that helps wash off the sins of thousands every day is itself getting murkier with sewage, animal carcass, and ashes. In order to flush out all the dirt out of Ganga, and breathe life into the aquatic species like the Ganga river dolphin, it is now experts from Berkshire who have been asked to help transform the river just like they transformed the Thames.


Endangered Indian Animals Flooding Pet Market of Thailand

This time it is poaching of a different kind and a threat of a different magnitude. Live, endangered Indian animals like turtles, tortoises, gharials and even bear and leopard cubs, are being trafficked by air, stuffed in suitcases, to Bangkok, to be sold as pet animals. These unfortunate animals are traded at chatuchak market area in Bangkok and the Suvarnabhumi air port is being used as transit point for this illegal activity.