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New Adventures Begin for Twins of Ranthambore

They were just three months old when the twin tigresses lost their mother. Raised by their unusually caring father, the ladies have come a long way quite literally by leaving their birth place Ranthambore and now beginning a new life in the jungles of Sariska after the forest department trans-located the two this week.


New Site gives Everyone a Chance to Count Tigers

Have you been to a tiger reserve recently? Did you click the image of a tiger in the wild? Or do you simply love tigers and want to do something more than just sigh at their depleting numbers. Then here is your chance. A new website offers people like you and me to be part of the save tiger campaign simply by helping count all the tigers in the wild.


Best Places to Find Tigers in India, Part-1

India has the world’s largest tiger population. If you plan to see tigers in their most favorite land, here is an extensive list of places where you can sight the royal beast.


Canal Project Cuts Crucial Tiger Corridor in Ranthambore

An under construction water canal at Ranthambore tiger Reserve is acting as a major hurdle for the tigers. Construction of the canal is underway in the….corner of the park that will join the Kushalipura nalla to the Mansarovar dam. If this is done, it will become a permanent border that will cut the crucial corridor that links Ranthambore National Park to the 128 sq km large Sawai Mansingh Sanctuary.


Angry Mother Bear scares off Two Tigers in Ranthambore

Two tigers in the Ranthambore tiger reserve in Rajasthan were ready to pounce on a bear when they had the surprise of their lives when the bear attacked them instead and made sure that her cubs and she was safe. Wildlife photographer Aditya Singh was in the vicinity to take pictures and see this rare close encounter of two ferocious wild species of India.