Thank you for such an enthusiastic response to our first contest. We now know for sure, there are many nature lovers out there who can put their feelings in verse and do it well. 

For our poetry contest on the topic NATURE, we received numerous entries in both English and Hindi. Know we love them all, but  the winning entry is that of Shantanu Verma. Congratulations!

Shantanu wins an exclusive India’s Endangered T-shirt and an e-certificate. Also, his excellent thoughts on Nature are being shared here. 

We also received many other entries that were equally commendable. We would especially like to recognise Priyanka Acharya and Atul Ambavat for their beautiful thoughts in poetry. Keep it up both of you!

Priyanka and Atul will also receive an India’s Endangered T-shirt and an e-certificate. 

As promised, here is the winning entry by Shantanu Verma,

 Nature’s Miracles


I like the morning noise,

The twitters, chats and choo-choo,

It’s the noise that sings to me,

Whose melodies I can’t memorise,

But I still wish to hum along.


I like that golden orb,

That spreads its arms like a loving father,

And gifts everyone his warmth,

I can never be as generous,

But I can always aspire.


I like the sparkling stars,

The glittering, twinkling gallery,

It’s the sign of unknown worlds,

That may be too far just yet,

But never unreachable.


Nature’s miracles astound me,

They cast a spell…they teach,

I may not be listening all the time,

But when I do take heed,

They always have something wise to share.


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Image via Cc/Flickr by Pete Birkinshaw

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About Atula Gupta

Atula Gupta is the Founder and Editor of Her work has appeared in a number of international websites, dailies and magazines including The Wire, Deccan Herald, New Indian Express, Down to Earth and Heritage India on issues related to environment and its conservation. She is also the author of Environment Science Essentials, a set of books for school children. She hopes this website provides a platform for people to be aware about species in the verge of extinction and heighten their conservation efforts.

6 thoughts on “Winners:India’s Endangered Poetry Contest-1

  1. Lovely poem Shantanu and Congrats! Congrats to Priyanka too.. Cheers. Atula, this was very interesting and engaging competition.. Thank you

  2. Congratulations to both of you. And thank you India’s endangered for the acknowledgement.I would love to be associated with animals in any way I can and ready to dedicate my time to them if opportunity comes or situations require.thank you again.

    1. great job Priyanka. Every thought counts and it’s good to know you care so much for animals…keep this spirit always…hope our assocation continues.

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