As nations confer and meet to plan newer protection policies for animals, the international black market of animal parts is thriving with full force. From becoming trophies to being used as medicines, animal traffickers are happily helping many fulfil their wild whims and fancies while they illegally hunt and market animals and animals parts. Needless to say they are earning millions by trading tigers, lions, rhinos, apes and even geckos and turtles.

The picture below is that of a head of a Royal Bengal Tiger seized by India’s crime branch officers  outside a hotel in Nagpur March 16, 2011. Police on Wednesday said they arrested two men at the airport that were carrying the head and the skin of a tiger.

If India claims the number of tigers has risen in its forests to 1407…the poachers will make sure there are none left to count the next time.

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Image courtesy: ibitimes

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2 thoughts on “Wanted Tigers. Dead or Alive.

  1. I felt like crying when I saw yesterday the photo of severed head of regal looking tiger covered in plastic.
    call me a misanthrop but I resent civilisation and its after effects.

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