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Google gives 5 Million Dollars to WWF for its War against Wildlife Crime

Poachers’ task to wipe away wildlife in Asia and Africa, has just been made tougher by Google. World Wildlife Fund (WWF) today received a major grant from Google to use state-of-the-art technology to help protect endangered species like elephants, rhinos and tigers from poachers and wildlife traffickers.


Explosive Idea Resolves Man-Elephant Conflict

For African farmers living near the forest, the problem of man-elephant conflict is as persistent and troublesome as that in India. Fearing the total destruction of their maize farm by elephants the farmers near Africa’s Sioma Ngwezi National Park tried all methods of protection until they came up with an idea that has really helped them keep the elephants at bay without harming them. It is the use of the innovative new Chilli Bomb, a simple and effective idea that India too can replicate.


Villagers in Madhya Pradesh save Forest from Lime Kiln Owner

Villagers in a little known village called Bagaspur in Madhya Pradesh were lured by a lime kiln owner with money and developmental promises in their village if they allowed him to open a lime kiln in the area. The villagers realized that it would lead to the destruction of the reserve forest in their land which is home to approximately 13% of the world’s wild tiger population. They angered the owner with an outright No but saved the forest.