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Western Ghat Aquatic Species plunging towards Extinction Warns IUCN

There is a new fear that has gripped biologists in recent times owing to a number of studies and research done on marine species around the world. The fear is that over fishing is killing many small and big fishes in masses, pushing them towards extinction at a very fast pace. The threat is now being felt closer home in India, as an IUCN study reveals that aquatic freshwater species in the western ghats are showing ‘tendencies of extinction’.


Ten New Frog Species Discovered in Western Ghats

Discovery of new frog species at the Western Ghats of India has further strengthened the claim that these Ghats are the heart of biodiversity. While frog species round the world are driven to extinction due to habitat destruction, pollution, climate change and of late, much sought frog legs, the discovery of new frog species is refreshing news. The expedition in the Ghats was carried out by biodiversity researches, voluntary researches and nature enthusiasts without any funding from agencies and they succeeded in discovering ten new frog species.


Saving One Baby at a Time

The Grizzled Giant Squirrels are a species endemic to the Western Ghats of India. It is in the same region that the native Paliyan tribe has been living for centuries. While modern civilization has touched their lives only recently, these tribesmen continue to harbor their affection for nature and all its creatures. That is why when a baby grizzled giant squirrel fall from a tree nest accidently, it is safely nurtured in the tribal homes.


‘Mini’ Hydel Projects threatening Biodiversity Hotspot of the World

The government of Karnataka has sanctioned 72 mini hydel projects, in the heart of Western Ghats, to meet the ever growing needs of electric power. But even if the projects are tagged ‘mini- hydel ’, a large number of trees are being removed, to make way for these power projects. The biodiversity loss will be irrevocable.