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How Much is too Much

The declaration of the Western Ghats as a World Heritage Site is another milestone achieved towards conservation of India’s vast bio-diversity. But along with world heritage tag comes the added responsibility of ensuring that this heritage is carefully preserved. In view of the expected increase in tourism activities at the heritage sites, the World Heritage Committee has therefore asked India to take proper measures to avoid any possibility of negative impacts.


Western Ghats Medicinal Plants face Extinction Threats

A new government approved study at the Kalakkad Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve (KMTR), has found out that around 58 species of medicinal plants found in the Western Ghats are threatened and can become extinct if strict laws and conservation efforts are not made to save them.


Endangered Fish Species Thrives again in Maharashtra River

The Mahseer or Deccan Mahseer is an indigenous species of fish which was found in the Indrayani river flowing in India’s western state of Maharashtra. The fish was last sighted 14 years ago until it disappeared due to excessive pollution of the waters and urbanization. But thanks to the efforts of a conservation organization, today the fishes have again made Indrayani their home.


Slender Loris on the hit list of Poachers

Slender Lorises are the little known primates found in the southern states of India, especially in the Western Ghats and Karnataka. Till date very little is known about these nocturnal creatures, their habits or even their population. But now experts fear the species is under threat from poachers who are killing them in hundreds.


Fish in a Tank…None in the River

The Roseline Shark (Puntius Denisonii) has become a popular aquarium fish adorning homes, hotels and malls. But unknown to the hundreds who watch the beauty of this fish in a tank, the species is actually victim of the aquarium trade and economic development that is harming the fish as well as its freshwater habitat.