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Madhya Pradesh gears up to Save Tigers in their New Home

The forest department of Madhya Pradesh is hailing the findings of a recent survey by Wildlife Institute of India that suggests that there may be seven tigers in the Indore, Dewas and Barwani ranges. Pepped up with the presence of the wild cat in an area where it was not observed before, the forest department is now planning landscape management strategies that will benefit the tiger.


Madhya Pradesh without a Wildlife Doctor

What would happen if there was a town full of people but they had no doctor to treat them in case of a health problem? It is the same case with the tigers and other wild animals of Madhya Pradesh. Despite the fact that the state has some of the most important tiger reserves in the country with a population of 257 tigers, an RTI activist claims that there are no specialist wildlife doctors here to treat the wild animals.


India’s Old Age Home for Tigers to come up in West Bengal

Old age is a cruel time for tigers. Because of the diminishing strength it becomes difficult for them to hunt and often the tigers venture into human habitations in search of easy prey in the form of livestock. The West Bengal government has come to the rescue of these aging tigers by setting up a reserve especially for the old tigers.


Angry Mother Bear scares off Two Tigers in Ranthambore

Two tigers in the Ranthambore tiger reserve in Rajasthan were ready to pounce on a bear when they had the surprise of their lives when the bear attacked them instead and made sure that her cubs and she was safe. Wildlife photographer Aditya Singh was in the vicinity to take pictures and see this rare close encounter of two ferocious wild species of India.


Animal Adoptions a Hit in Bhopal’s Van Vihar

They may not be Dhoni, Zaheer Khan or Priyanka Chopra , but for the animals of Van Vihar National Park in Bhopal, each of their benefactors is a celebrity. A unique scheme launched by the park has witnessed thirty three wild life lovers adopting animals and ensuring they are well looked after at the park. After the rise in celebrity adoption of animals the novel scheme has succeeded in creating awareness among public and inspiring many to do a good deed or two for the animals.


Tiger Dad Displays Rare Parenting Skills in Ranthambore

Here comes news of a doting father on Father’s Day. In a rare display of paternal instincts a male tiger in the Ranthambore Wildlife sanctuary in Rajasthan is taking care of two tiger cubs that lost their mother in February. In the wild it is customarily the mother who looks after the cub at least for two years and the father’s role is restricted to occasional visits.


Jharkhand Zoo Animals Benefit from High Profile Adoptions

What could be common among Punjab National Bank (PNB), Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL) and actress Priyanka Chopra? They are all adopting Zoo animals in response to Jharkhand Zoo Authority’s request for sponsoring zoo animals under a novel scheme.