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Researchers create first Snow Leopard stem cells

The white skinned leopards of the high altitude have for centuries lived a nomadic and isolated life in the snow peaked mountains of Central Asia. Born shy, no one knows for certain how many of the snow leopards today live in the wild, but that their numbers is diminishing is a given, looking at the conditions of the modern world. In order to make sure that the species can be genetically bred and preserved from extinction; scientists have now created for the very first time stem cells from the ear tissue of a snow leopard.


17 Species to get Help from becoming Endangered & Extinct

The Union ministry of environment and forest announced last week that 17 species of animals and birds that are listed as endangered are being considered for recovery from the ‘Endangered species list’ of the Red Book of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). The list includes Asiatic Lions whose population is visibly increasing and other species like the Indian bustards and snow leopards that are known to be struggling to survive.


WWF-India Discovers Rare Mammal in Arunachal Pradesh

The high altitude areas of India’s north-eastern states are a nature lover’s paradise but many of the area remain unexplored because of the difficult terrain. It is therefore no wonder that some wild creatures still remain hidden in the vast landscape of these inaccessible lands. WWF-India recently discovered one such creature that was never before reported to be found in India – the rare black Pika.


Uttarakhand Captures its First Snow Leopard on Camera

The elusive snow leopard was always heard to be roaming around the Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve in Uttarakhand. Villagers claimed that had seen the animal. Pugmarks and faeces also gave evidence of its existence but it was only recently that a camera placed in the reserve finally captured an image of the beast and gave definite proof of its existence in the state’s Himalayan ecosystem.