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Life Threatening Railway Tracks

A railway line that may connect Sikkim with the rest of India more easily is currently under construction between Sevoke in West Bengal and Rangpo in Sikkim. But the track might threaten the lives of many wild animals, especially elephants that frequent the same path, triggering more accidental deaths if the train movement starts.


Come Spring…Come Swallows

It was not such a long time ago when the arrival of migratory swallows to Gangtok and other parts of the North-Eastern Indian state of Sikkim heralded the arrival of the spring-summer season. But gradually the number of these visitors began decreasing owing to modernization. One summer when bird-lovers sighted just a handful in their lands they were eager to be more accommodative and bring back these very social birds. The efforts seem to have paid as Sikkim once again is turning to be the summer vacation spot for these fidgety little birds.