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WWF-India Discovers Rare Mammal in Arunachal Pradesh

The high altitude areas of India’s north-eastern states are a nature lover’s paradise but many of the area remain unexplored because of the difficult terrain. It is therefore no wonder that some wild creatures still remain hidden in the vast landscape of these inaccessible lands. WWF-India recently discovered one such creature that was never before reported to be found in India – the rare black Pika.


Darjeeling to have off Display Breeding Centre for Himalayan Endangered Species

A major challenge faced by animals bred in captivity is their struggle to adjust in the wild where they need to feed and protect themselves. The Darjeeling Zoo seems to have sorted out the problem for some of the Himalayan endangered species by planning to set up an off display breeding centre. The primary objective of such an initiative is to release the zoo bred animals to the wild with the near wild environment of the proposed centre facilitating both breeding and honing of hunting skills of these animals.